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Higher levels of awareness

We all need love. Self-love is the first step to freedom, because you just rely on yourself.

Nobody and nothing can ¨make¨you happy. Only those things and people remind you of a reason to BE ¨happy¨.

You can find fulfillment within your SELF.

Change your reality

The reality could be considered as a holographic experience. This holographic experience is interchangeable. To change means to focus. Pure focus on the very aspect of your life, that is fine. Even in times of sorrow, grief, suffering and disappear. Find this tiny bit of beauty in your mind and focus on it. Learning how when and where to focus is the basis of this mini-workshop.


Mantras for inner peace and love

A Mantra is a highly charged sound wave that in itself has the capability to mold physical existence. You can write, sing or listen to a mantra. Keeping in mind that when you put your energy inside of the vehicle of the mantrical sound wave, the matrix will react (change) so much more accurate and faster. Find out more about mantras by clicking this box.


Business Energy Work

Mini-Workshop on how to find your passion-based business. How to launch it. How to pursue your dreams. Learn that money is energy and how to relate to money in a new way, so it works for, not against you. Use your heart chakra, which emits creation and become evidence that realizing your dreams is, in fact, possible.

Joy beyond imagination

Find out how to feel joyful in a seven-day process with Seer & Medium Adwoa Theresa. You will learn to understand your emotions captured in the emotional body. You will learn how to transform your inner suffering.


Connection to inner self

There is no such thing as a disconnected self. It is true as well, that an ego-mind in jeopardy reflects a blurred picture of what you really are thus, will cause you emotional pain. Connecting your wires again as an imagined routine way to teach the ego-mind that it is safe to let loose and let the self take control, you will as well experience freedom from self-imposed suffering fast.


Samyama - Deeper understanding, melting in and being that object of attention

Patanjalis Yoga Sùtras Yoga 3 and 4 state specifically the possibilites a human being has when fully developed in spirit. Siddhi powers which are supernatural powers can be activated through a meditational process Patanjali calls Samyama. The tree-fold way of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi which is called Samyam. It is said to unlock your hidden potential that is capable to transcend illusion.

Shadow Work - Diving deep

Shadow work has a vital influence of your emotional system, your emotional body. Whenever we feel trapped into emotion like fear, psychological pain or guilt, we tend to either project this fear into aggression towards others or simply swallow it until it comes up once the ´depot´ is full. Now instead let us learn to look at the deeper layers of emotional imbalances, accept them and transform them.


Remote Viewing

Available for Remote Viewing for special tasks and difficult encounters. Remote Viewing to find out hidden places, find out hidden thoughts and secret emotions.